Where the wind blows – who knows?

Many of my posts thus far have been about the quality of communication. So much for speed being the essence of creating good vibes. Some of us are used to sending instantaneous messages via texts tweets and emails. We seek speed as being an end in itself regardless of how we get to wherever we are going or say what we say. HS2 is a case in point. Travel and enjoy or travel and thoughtfully work our way up to Birmingham or down to Kings Cross. Or thoughtfully well crafted messages even dare I say it by letter – to the friend who has just lost a loved one or to a correspondent about a claim or response – as a young lawyer we sometimes crafted our letters over days if not weeks – pages and pages of the stuff. Now like poltergeists out of the starting blocks we have to send our missive now – not later – not tomorrow. Its now as we get the advantage of being the first to respond, the first to say something – anything – un-crafted, un-thought through repost like a sword fight – traverse and parry but in double quick time.

Such adversarial posturing does nothing to create a climate of compromise; a re-discovery of the consensus that I have written about before. Today Boris Johnson submitted his plan for the future relationship between us and Europe. He deliberated – if not holding back – that’s a good sign. He then says that this is their final offer. That’s it – take it or leave it. I don’t imagine you would all agree – but how does that make the recipients feel – if they are also faced with a do or die deadline of the 31 October. Its not quite a full frontal, but a tactical holding back before the orgasmic thrust of an offer – ‘howsat!’ the referee Dickie Bird says. But it isn’t is it. The exhausted samurai warrior shoves a ‘deal’ underneath the noses of the Europeans. They won’t leave the pitch no doubt but a well crafted response may take longer than the ‘non’ that it will inevitably get. Rome or rather Brexit wasn’t built in a day – or 2 years for that matter.

Meantime the lovely Maria Arpa in her blog piece on ‘Enlightened self-interest’ on ‘Peaceful Solutions’ she reminds me of Wendell Berry message which may be the subject of my next post:

“We have lived our lives by the assumption that what was good for us would be good for the world. We have been wrong. We must change our lives so that it will be possible to live by the contrary assumption, that what is good for the world will be good for us. And that requires that we make the effort to know the world and learn what is good for it.” Wendell Berry

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