About Anthony Glaister

Dispute Resolver

I am

  • an independent mediator and dispute resolution adviser with over 20 years of mediation experience on a broad range of commercial cases involving two or multi party disputes, and numerous nationalities and backgrounds.
  • an adjudicator since 1999 dealing with a wide range of building and engineering disputes; also appointed as conciliator by insurers and trade associations.
  • an arbitrator directly appointed by legal representatives in sensitive partnership and inter personal disputes.
  • a dispute resolution adviser and facilitator or collaborative negotiator employed by business and private users either to advise on the most appropriate way to resolve disputes or in assisting parties negotiate their own settlement as negotiator rather than as mediator.

I strive to find imaginative, creative and cost effective ways of using my dispute resolution knowledge to create real value for all those using mediation and other alternative ways of resolving disputes, and to do so in a way that is appropriate to their circumstances.

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Anthony Glaister